11 8 / 2014

Every time, I felt frustrated. 

I’ll wait out a week. And then nothing matters anymore.

Shall stop ranting and whining about everything and anything. Most of my work is completed and all that lies is to bide my time.

Just need a little more time to breathe.

25 7 / 2014

It’s nice to know you’ve a bunch of people covering your backs.

Animals, but trustworthy dudes during crunch times.

21 7 / 2014

When I hop onto a bus, occasionally, just for a bit, I wish I’d see you listening to your kind of music in a cozy corner. And perhaps, hi?

16 7 / 2014

How I wish I had gleaming bright paths laid out for me

That I had no need to forge ahead in the darkness and waste years realizing I had been going round in circles

02 7 / 2014

Reading past messages and writings and wondering how everything changes.

Just bit by bit, but now it is all strange, friends become acquaintances and aspirations fade.

And I’m intidimated by how so much has slipped by. And how much I have changed. For better or for worse, I really don’t know.

"I want to be like water, to slip by fingers but hold up a ship"

Who am I, really? And where do I head?

28 6 / 2014

My life is in stasis.
as if I’m suspended in mid-air, perpetually falling but never able to grapple with anything - reality, vague flashbacks, childhood dreams that no longer fuel me. 

I breathe my seconds away, slaughter fictional enemies in the hours, hide in stories for days, but the black hole only expands further. Time has come to a standstill. Dread fills the event horizon, I view the present as stills irrelevant. I arched my neck skywards, but the vast blue swallows my world, me. 

And the funny thing is, all I have to do is to trudge a step forward. But in which direction? To where? My compass has gone haywire and I can only hear my pulse beating to its finale. 

28 6 / 2014


Making the Leap


Making the Leap

28 4 / 2014

Never been so lost.

27 4 / 2014



My newborn baby cousin loves this song, and when she hears me sing it, I find her fast asleep when I’m done.

I actually loved this song as a kid.

I’m listening to this over and over again and crying about it.


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02 4 / 2014

You can never deny the possibility of truth just because you can’t prove it exists.

It’s like being absolutely sure that I don’t like anybody just because I don’t show it.

31 3 / 2014

Hate that whirlwind mind with its frenzy of thoughts and hurricanes of doubts

Leaving nothing in its core
With me in stasis

Sometimes, I do need a punch.

16 3 / 2014

16 3 / 2014

Along the way, somehow I forget that I am dealing with lives.

Not that I may cause their deaths, but that if I really try, their lives will be a tad more interesting and fun. And bearable. 

Sense of responsibility aye, where have you disappeared to? 

16 3 / 2014

"I find it wholesome to be alone the greater part of the time. To be in company, even with the best, is soon wearisome and dissipating. I love to be alone. I never found the companion that was so companionable as solitude. We are for the most part more lonely when we go abroad among men than when we stay in our chambers."

Henry David Thoreau, Walden

15 2 / 2014


find another book to read

my life in the past 10 years


find another book to read

my life in the past 10 years